Monday, August 29, 2011

Pro Bono Attorney of the Month: Susan Marhoffer

We are proud to recognize our Pro Bono Attorney of the month, Susan Marhoffer.  Hear from Susan in her own words, about why she does Pro Bono work:

 "I do pro bono work as I am disturbed by the fact that access to the legal system is out of the reach of the average person.  It seems very unjust that actionable wrongs go unresolved and people are taken advantage of due to their inability have their claims brought before the courts.

Being a lawyer is not only and honor but also a profession that has afforded my family and myself a wonderful lifestyle and I volunteer for pro bono work so that I can engage in the practice of law to help those in need and without regard to the business of practicing law"

 ~Susan Marhoffer

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