Thursday, July 8, 2010

Committee Preference Sheets

Last month, the EPCBA sent out a Call for Committee Members and a Committee Preference Sheet.  There are many opportunities to become involved with the Bar Association and to help shape the future of your local Bar Association.  The Military Relations Committee has seen a great amount of interest, as has the Bench-Bar Committee.  The Bar greatly appreciates the interest that we have seen so far and the folks who have returned their Committee Preference Sheets.  

This morning, our intern, Cassmir, was compiling the most recent group of Committee Preference Sheets, and noted that there was a lack of interest in these volunteer opportunities.  With a membership of approximately 1000 attorneys, less than 25 members have responded, a 2.5% response overall thus far. 

There are so many opportunities to become involved in the Bar Association.  Member involvement is what makes an association go from good to excellent.  El Paso County is extremely fortunate to have a wealth of attorneys that are compassionate, interested, hard-working, and committed to our community.  The Bar Association has been an integral part of the legal community in the Pikes Peak Region for over 107 years, and, with the help of our members, can continue this tradition of excellence.  

If you haven't sent back your Committee Preference Sheets, and are interested in getting involved with the Bar Association, send them back today!  We especially could use volunteers for the Free Legal Clinics and Law Week Activities, and Ask-A-Lawyer.   P.O. Box 429, Colorado Springs, CO, 80901 or fax them to us at 719-473-9216.  

Claire and Cassmir

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